This website contains sections designed for the sole use of the Authorised User and provides access to general information relating to the insurer´s products, services and confidential information of the customers. The user number and the password (hereafter referred to as the “identification codes”), are strictly personal and not transferable. The Authorised User warrants and undertakes not to disclose the identification codes to any third party and undertakes to keep absolutely confidential any client and/or policies related data. The Authorised User understands that he/she will be held liable for any direct or indirect consequence of fraudulent misuse or abuse of the confidential data and undertakes to treat all confidential data as foreseen by article 300 of the Luxembourg law of December 7th, 2015 on the insurance sector (professional secrecy).The Authorised User certifies to be aware that breach of article 300 will be qualified as a criminal offence and subject to the penalties of Article 458 of the Luxembourg Penal Code. In case the Authorised User notes or suspects an abuse of his/her account through the site, or in case he/she has lost one of his/her identification codes or suspects that a third party has or might have obtained one of his/her identification codes by theft or otherwise, the Authorised User shall immediately notify, by telephone, fax or email, the insurer of the actual or suspected abuse, loss or theft of one of his/her identification codes. The Authorised User is finally kindly reminded of his obligation to abide to the existing "Secured Website Access Agreement" previously signed and any modification thereof.

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